RT-AX88U issue with apple region


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Hi All

I upgraded my RT-AX88uU to the latest firmware ( and everything appeared to be ok. I also noticed that the time zone was set to something different that where i am (Sydney GMT+10) so I changed that as well and all was good for a couple of weeks until I decided watch a tv series on apple plus on my iPad. When I tried to watch an episode it told me that the program was not available in my region even though I had already watched many shows on the same device the week before I upgraded the router. This happens on all my apple and non apple devices when connected to the router. If I turn the wifi off and use a 4g mobile connection everything works fine. If i stay connected to the router and use a VPN set to Australia everything works fine turn the vpn off and the issue reappears.

The timestamp is correct in the system log page but i cannot work out why Apple plus now thinks i am in the wrong region any ideas ???


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The timezone has nothing to do with it.
Mostly this is about the region assign to your IP address. Are you using a VPN?


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I have a VPN but don’t use it all the time and don’t use it on my smart TV. It works if I use the VPN on the iPhone / iPad but stops working when I turn VPN off


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Which IP address are you getting assigned by your ISP?
Try entering a site like https://whatismyipaddress.com/ and see if the attributed location makes sense.
Thanks for the link i put in my ip address and it did not show any region so i contacted my ISP who refreshed my ip and now all is working. Looks like it was a blocked ip, strange how only apple plus had an issue as Netflix was fine.
Thanks for the help

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