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RT-AX88U Pro - Internet doesn't recover if the modem has a hiccup and reconnects.

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Btw, switching to Continuous DHCP Renewal mode makes the router recover from the drops 100% 80% of the time and quite quickly at that!

I'm hopefully picking up a Sercomm DM1000 on Monday from the TPIA's head office.
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I am glad you made some progress on this issue!
Welp, they replaced the modem with another unit of the same model, a Hitron CODA-45 and so far it's been more stable for about a day. Still have to go through the factory reset and reconfiguration process on the router though, but that's something that eats up a lot of time I don't have.
I agree with what @elorimer said about YazDHCP. If your main concern is lots of DHCP reservation, you can’t beat YazDHCP. It’s export/import function is worth it’s weight in gold!
I agree that, if you have many assigned DHCP addresses/clients, retyping them in can be exhausting and error prone. YazDHCP takes care of all that.
And, as a bonus, the exported file is in csv format - you can add/delete right in the file and re-import.
I concur, I have 130 reserved ip addresses.

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