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RTAC68U Fw386.12 Openvpn ping packet loss

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Hi every one.
Still having some problem with OpenVPN in firmware 386.12 between two RTac68u

Site 1 = nas1 ( + Pc1 <-> RTac68u_FW386.12 ( <==internet==> Rtac68u_Fw386.12 ( <-> Pc2 + nas2 ( = Site 2

My goal is that any Pc of site 1 can access (smbfs) nas2 on site 2 and any Pc of site 2 can access nas1 ( smbfs ) . Please note that it is when my family and I are on one site rarely both sites.
So OpenVPn client on RTac68u on each site is configured to connect to server of RTac68u of the other site

When I was using fw 386.4 for both routers , i didn't detect any trouble. When I upgraded router in site 1 to fw386_12 I started having disconnection from site 1 to site 2 but site2 to site 1 still works fine . Upgrading rtac68u to fw386.12 on site 2 , connection works but I have more than 25 pings successul to the other site then around 10 ping loss and then a serie of 25 pings successfull and again serie of around 10 loss and so one ....

it results in some issues to transfer datas....
How to solve that ?
Many thanks for your help .

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