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Setting up VLANS for the first time

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Hi I am entering the world of networking and have been watching several videos on YouTube about VLANs and whilst I understand the concept I’m still struggling with implementing this into my home network.

I have a ASUS RT AX88U Pro which is VLAN aware and I have a single Ethernet cable going from LAN port 2 to my Netgear GS308E which is a managed switch also VLAN aware.

My goal is to have a single device plugged into each port and for some to be grouped and others to be individually on their own VLAN so the traffic cannot communicate with each other.

The first device I am trying to setup on its own VLAN is my DVR CCTV system which is setup at home with a monitor etc but also has an app on my phone which I can use to view a live feed or view clips from. As such it requires an internet connection.

I have setup the VLAN and PVID as per the netgear guide but the issue i run into is that when I enable the VLAN rules I lose communication to the device. I have been scratching my head the past few weeks searching forums, watching more videos and I am wondering - do I need to setup IP / MAC address rules alongside any VLANs I setup? It’s all well my switch tagging network traffic exiting the trunk port but how does my router know where to send incoming requests for devices on my network to begin with?

I hope my question makes sense and thanks for reading so far.

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