SFP+ router for home?


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I'm looking for router that can do:
ONT/ONU for 2Gbps both ways
2.5G ethernet or maybe better link aggregation to a switch
ideally few more 2.5 or at least 1Gbe ports

nice to have:
policy/path based vpn routing
ipcsec site 2 site vpn
openVpn client for site 2 site

I thought that "easy" option might be some device with multiple sfp+ ports and stick one sfp for optical internet connection and one or two for local house things that can go gb+, but maybe using router as onu/ont and wanting more then 1gbps is just to ahead of what is common in home networking that it would be super expensive.

I found only Mikrotik Cloud Router Switch CRS305-1G-4S+IN, but is it switch or router and i'm afraid of the cloud thing and mikrotik thing, but then still, each port to populate the sfp is 60usd i think, but main question is if using this with 1 optical xpon and 2 sfp 2.5gbe (I only found 2.5/10Gbe) adapters and 1gbe port on it to connect switch would even work.

Only device on market targeting home with multiple gig+ that is not 500usd+ i found is zyxel armor G5 - 1. it is zyxel, which i had only bad experience with, but it is long time ago 2. does not have sfp so na way to connect gig+ wan as far as I know as my ISP does not provide faster then gbe ONT (but does provide faster then gig service if you have capable device yourself).
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If you don't want to do DIY or pay thousands the Tik is probably the easiest option.

DIY I would take a SFF PC and slot 2 dual port SFP cards in it to hit your port density requirement and this opens the door to more control / speed / performance.

OVPN is a drag to speed if you can do wireguard instead you can hit line rate. Even with gig plus BW I was only bale to hit ~600mbps using an OVPN profile whereas the WG profile went to 1200-1500mbps.

Dual slot SFF PC - $150
2 x dual port SFP cards - $200
4 SFP= - $200 (these will do 2.5/5/10GE)

Put Linux on it and use iptables for the FW to keep it simple / fast.


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So you think that the Mikrotik thingy is actually capable enough router? Maybe i should buy it return if it is not as to me it is not really clear what that device does. They call it "cloud router switch" - so take my pick i guess.


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You could look at the Mikrotik CCR2004-16G-2S+PC. It seems to fit your spec requirements and costs about 500 bucks on Amazon. The CCR series are routers first and switches second and use RouterOS while the CRS series are switches first and have simpler routing capabilities. It can use both RouterOS and SwitchOS. Bit of a learning curve to learn both the OS' but they give you close to enterprise-level functionality.

If you want a consumer grade router though, the Asus RT-AX98X may be suitable for your requirements as well. It's less than 500 bucks on Amazon. One SFP+ port and one 10GBase-T port which can function as WAN/LAN and 8 X 1G LAN ports. Its Web GUI/Phone App are quite intuitive and easy to use.


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I have to admit if I could have justified the router and needed access points, a few months back I would've bought the RB5009UPr+S+IN. The only issue with the requirements posted though is that it only has one SFP+ port,1x 2.5Gbps port, in addition to 7x 1Gbps ports.

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link aggregation
I do this for redundancy to my gateway but, you didn't mention anything with two ports to connect to.

Can you provide more details and an overview of what all you want to connect? There might be a way to slide in a 2.5 switch for $100 to get more higher speed ports for use.


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I also do not know which 2 line device.
I'm considering upgrading my home network and getting rid of asus router with unsightly antennae for ideally router without wifi and with SFP so I can connect optical internet into it. And the get 2 cheapo wifi ax 2x2 160hz routers as APs and install them hidden int ceiling light enclosures (whatever it is called in english)

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Lacp only bundles interfaces but nothing on the other end wastes an interface.

Sounds like you have a plan other than the router which you can build or buy. If you build you can get more flexibility and horsepower than anything prebuilt. Router + 2 APs would work well too.

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