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Should I stick with my NAS or buy a Netgear ReadyNAS?

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New Around Here
Several years ago I built a home server, using a rack mounted case, which holds 6 hotswappable drive bays, and is run with a Pentium processor. I am using a Broadcom RaidCore card (6 drive) and using their raid software. Since I purchased the card, the company has changed hands 2-3 times, so now the cards are really not suopported. I have had the card fail to recognize one of the drives 2-3 times in its life as well. Currently I am using 5 500Mb drives for 2Tb of storage, using RAID5.

Before I begin to add more important info/files to this, I wanted to know the following:

1. Can I use some other software to monitor the drives/Raid, or am in stuck with Broadcoms software since I use their RAID card?
2. Would it be better to switch to Windows Home Server software?
3. Would it be best to just sell this, and get something like Netgears ReadyNAS with their new Raid software package?

Thank you

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