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Skynet, speedtests, CGNAT

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'ello folks,

I recently upgraded from VDSL to FTTP. Yay!

The router (Eero) that my ISP (YouFibre) provided yielded Ookla speedtest results of ~900Mbps down and up from a wifi-connected client.

I plugged the fibre modem into my Asus GT-AX11000 running AsusWRT Merlin with Diversion and Skynet running, and installed the entware package for Ookla speedtesting. With Skynet and Diversion running, I get about 350/500 down/up. I ran top at the same time, and the router reported 34% sys CPU usage, so didn't seem massively stressed. With Skynet disabled, it's more like 700/900.

First question: would one expect Skynet to have such an impact on speed, or should I look for other causes?

YouFibre have me behind CGNAT.

Second question: presumably there's no point in Skynet blocking inbound connections if I'm behind CGNAT?

Third question: do I need a faster router? Presumably that Eero isn't doing anything clever and so doesn't need a lot of CPU power.

Thanks in advance for any insight you can share.
There is no point in Skynet inbound if you have no services exposed to Internet. No much point even if you do with the community blocklists used. Your built-in firewall is blocking unsolicited connections by default. Skynet is not a firewall, it's an IP-blocker. You can block your access to something outbound with Skynet if you insist. CGNAT adds another firewall on the way.

Sorry, but Eero perhaps has more technology behind it compared to your RGB router. We have forum members here running Asus routers for familiar Asuswrt-Merlin features and Eero for Wi-Fi. It makes better "mesh" at least.

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