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  1. A

    Questions about AiDisk (FTP) and remote access of USB HDD - Load balancing and CGNAT

    I'm planning on connecting our RT-AX59U with a 4TB external USB HDD and activate AiDisk with support for file transfers through SMB, FTP and the web gui of the router. I'll set up remote access through Asus DDNS. Our RT-AX59U is using dual wan load balancing where I run all traffic through WAN1...
  2. D

    Skynet, speedtests, CGNAT

    'ello folks, I recently upgraded from VDSL to FTTP. Yay! The router (Eero) that my ISP (YouFibre) provided yielded Ookla speedtest results of ~900Mbps down and up from a wifi-connected client. I plugged the fibre modem into my Asus GT-AX11000 running AsusWRT Merlin with Diversion and Skynet...
  3. S

    CGNAT (Starlink service) and using

    It looks like Starlink is using CGNAT behind the curtains, so I'm not able to get remote access via open vpn like I did when I was with a wireline provider. I was looking at how to get around the CGNAT issue and came across REMOTE.IT, a service that will work around the CGNAT issue, and it's...
  4. S

    How to get (multiplayer) Nintendo Switch to work over IPv6, avoiding CGNAT

    Hi guys and gals, I'm currently with a broadband provider that offers IPv4 via CGNAT. Because of this I can't use port forwarding and have my Asus RT-AX88U (running the latest Merlin) configured to use Native IPv6. This works well for almost all normal daily internet usage and I can externally...
  5. M

    OpenVPN and IPv6 (under CGNAT)

    Hi, My current ISP (hyperoptic in the UK) has implemented CGNAT, so I can't access my router from outside my home network. I thought about setting up the OpenVPN server, and access to it through IPv6 (considering that the ISP I'm under when I'm away from home supports it), but I'm quite lost...
  6. J

    ASUS AiCloud not working even in the local network.

    I brought a new ASUS AC58U Router. I was trying to setup AiCloud but i couldn't get it working. "https://[your ASUS DDNS name]" shows "This site cant't be reached" and "https://[your ASUS DDNS name]" refused to connect. I followed exactly as in the manual. When i try...