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[Solved] My Asus RT-AC86U http Web interface is not accessible

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Hi guys,

How to restore my Asus RT-AC86U http web interface?

I need to do a reset of the router?

Thank you.

I see you have 88.1 IP please check if you PC have the same pool setup or try set it manually to 88.10. Tyr to use Firefox
this very often happen if nvram is full :( and solution is to make hard reset https://www.asus.com/en/support/FAQ/1039078/
No, 88.1 is correct. That is the correct subnet for router network.

Previously I created a Google browser shortcut icon on my desktop that points to:

Silly me o_O, I changed my router address from 88.1 to 188.1 just recently, and I forgot to update the shortcut icon's IP address = 188.1.

Now it is working fine. HTTP web interface can be accessed now at:

Thank you.

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