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Some strange things in my log I'm hoping somone could take a look at

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My log has alot of things that I don't really member seeing bofore, so I included it hopeing somone could take a look. Also there's alot of "possible dns rebind attack messrgges"
Any input on what that is usually indicating?
And if there is anything else that might help just let me know and ill do my best to provide it. Thanks guys. I really do appreciate it.


  • syslog (11).txt
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I also found this post that seems to be very reminiscent of what I'm seeing and makes me think somone got it the only thing is I never leave on the access from Wan options, unless there's one that I'm missing.
The rebind messages are caused by you going to BitTorrent sites.

I suggest you turn off logging of dropped packets as you can't see the wood for the trees in your log file.
I dont go to bit torrent sites but there are other people that live in my house, does it show what ip they are coming from? And I turned off dropped packets and cleared the log so as soon as it builds back up alittle I'll repost it.
No it doesn't show the source LAN address. But your dropped packets log shows lots of incoming traffic hitting port 6881 which is the traditional BitTorrent port. So I'd say that someone on your network is running BitTorrent software. You might get some clues by looking at System Log - Active Connections.
OK here's the log after it's had some time to build up now that I've turned off the logging of dropped packets.


  • syslog (12).txt
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