Can somone take look at my log and tell me if there's anything amiss

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My log looks alot diffrent then normal and I saw something about user nobody so dropping root privileges. So hoping someone that knows more then me can take a quick look and tell me if I should be conserned.



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What about it is different than normal? We don't know what is normal for you. There's nothing in the log about user nobody.

EDIT: It looks much the same as the log file you posted on 3rd September.


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How could you notice anything with all those firewall logs cluttering your syslog? :rolleyes:

Or is that the problem? You have Log dropped packets enabled in firewall but you don’t know why?


Asuswrt-Merlin dev
1) Your traffic monitoring database is missing:

Sep 27 22:17:44 rstats[1031]: Problem loading /mnt/sda1/Traffic monitor/tomato_rstats_049226814c68.gz. Still trying...
2) Something on your LAN is generating a LOT of separate connections, overwhelming your router:

Sep 27 22:17:53 kernel: nf_conntrack: expectation table full
3) Don't enable logging of dropped connection attempts unless troubleshooting something - this is overloading your router and flooding your log.

Sep 27 22:20:37 kernel: DROP IN=eth0 OUT= M

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