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SSL VPN for Macintosh?

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New Around Here
I was really close on the Zywall USG-100 after reading about it here, but the SSL VPN is pretty Mac-unfriendly and even the L2TP VPN needs 3rd party software to work.

Is anyone using the Zywall USG with Macs? Anyone happy with the combo?

Alternatively, any other way I can get gigabit ports and dual-wan for under $1000 that's got a mac-friendly vpn?
pfSense with OpenVPN + Viscosity or Tunnelblick

I think Viscosity (openvpn mac GUI) will cost you 9 bucks or so. The rest is free and gratis.

Now you need to find a hardware router with giga and the big CPU able to fill the pipes w/ encrypted data.
pfsense.org seems to have listed a few vendors that offer high-end routers.
Mac & VPN

I'm running the Netgear ProSafe VPN Firewall SRXN3205 it has SSL VPN that works on Macs but it is slow. However, I have set it up with IPSec VPN and use the free Client IPSecuritas and it is SUPER FAST.

IMHO- Best VPN wireless router for the money
Or you could run Tomato linux-based firmware (one of the modified versions that includes OpenVPN) on a router such as Linksys WRT54G, Asus WL-500GP, etc giving you OpenVPN server in the router, then use Viscosity or Tunnelblick clients on the remote Macs:


http://code.google.com/p/tunnelblick/ (free)
http://www.viscosityvpn.com/ ($9 but better)

You don't say how many simultaneous clients you need to be able to support, the above is OK for average home use and works very nicely with Macs.

The Dual-WAN may be an issue, there is a Tomato mod for that I believe, but am not sure it contains the OpenVPN functionality.

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