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Suggestion for GT BE98 AiMesh Setup

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Hello, I want to hear your opinions.

I have one GT BE98 router in the living room. I didn't bring it in my computer room because all my TV, Apple TV and consoles are in the living room. And also my desktop PC in my computer room has Wifi 7 so I thought it would be enough. And actually it is enough because my internet is 1GB Fiber and I can go up to 860Mbps with Wifi from my Computer room.

But I decided to connect my desktop to the router with Ethernet cable. So in a few days I'll install a cable from my computer room to the router and plug it directly to the 10G ROG (Lan6) port.

I have 2 questions here:

What would happen if I decided to plug that 10G Lan6 cable to a switch in my computer and then from the switch I'll connect an ethernet cable to my desktop computer? I guess all of the other devices that would be connected to that switch would have the same priority of speed. But I think I'll only connect a couple of Raspberry Pi to that switch for some NAS setup and I don't think it would affect my internet speed while gaming. What do you think? Is it better to connect the 10G Lan6 port directly to the computer and install a second ethernet cable to attach the switch on it maybe? Would the difference be day and night?

My second question is Aimesh system. I want Aimesh for other rooms going backwards in the house. Although the wifi is nearly enough, I want it to be perfect everywhere. So I have more a few questions about the aimesh system:

- First, is any cheap Asus router ok to be used for Aimesh? Maybe Tuf Gaming AX3000 V2 or even an AX1800U with less specs? Would these bottleneck the performance of my GT BE98?
- Is it ok to connect it via Wifi? Or is it better with ethernet cable?
- Would I be able to connect that second router to one of the ports of the switch in the room and use it as AiMesh while using the other ports of the switch as normal ethernet connection?
- Once I use this second router as Aimesh, will it be only functional for wifi connections? Or will its ethernet ports also be available to use?

I never used an Aimesh setup before. I'm trying to understand the system.

Thank you very much in advance for your answers.

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