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Suggestions on how to better setup this network?


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I have the following hardware on my network:
Fiber modem
Arris Surfboard mAX Pro 802.11ax mesh router and 1 satellite
Linksys Velop mesh router with one satellite
Apple Airport Extreme

The current layout is this:

Modem - LAN1 - Velop Main
Modem - LAN4 - Arris Main

Arris Surfboard satellite - Aiport extreme

All routers are in the main house (2400 sq ft - single story) with the airport out in the 300 sq ft bungalow.

Would it be better to put both the Airport and Velop systems into "bridge" mode and connect the Velop main to the Arris Main and the Arris satellite to the Airport Extreme? Would I be able to connect the Velop main via wireless or would it have to be via CAT-5e?

I am trying to get the best possible performance that I can and the best coverage. House is concrete construction with rebar.


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Below are some of my standard Velop setup recommendations:

  • 5Ghz doesn't pass through building materials very well so I wouldn't worry about a strong outside 5Ghz interference too much.
  • According to my previous Velop testing Bridge Mode will provide the most performance since the Velop won't be doing NAT and firewalling.
  • Use your sysinfo.cgi bh_report to maximize your coverage by keeping the AP\STA signal strengths to approx -70 between nodes. This will also help your wireless client roaming between nodes.
  • Disable Prioritization, Node and Client Steering.
  • Set Prioritization speeds manually to 1024mbps for both download and upload even though it's disabled
  • Have separate SSIDs for 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz.
  • Try to get a hub and spoke topology instead of a daisy chain.
Instructions to get the Velop sysinfo.cgi report:

  1. Linksys App => Velop Administration => Click on first node in list
  2. LAN => IP Address
  3. Use the LAN IP Address of the node in the below URL
  4. http://<your node ip address>/sysinfo.cgi
  5. Login using your Velop system password and username of "admin"
  6. The report will display in browser, search for "bh_report" to find the backhaul report section
The output should look like this:

  Node (MAC)  NODE IP          PARENT IP        Intf.  Chan.   RSSI(AP/STA)      Speed  State Timestamp   
------------  ---------------  ---------------  -----  -----   ------------  ---------  ----- ------------
149182854304    5GH  161          -70/-59  155.89500     up 1581717301
If you have wired nodes disconnect the Ethernet cable, wait 5 minutes and re-run the report to make sure those nodes are placed properly as well.

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