Thank You @RMerlin


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Thank you RMerlin for you hard work


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Your firmware availability is the only reason I use an Asus router.

Thank you for your hardwork and commitment.

It's really appreciated.


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Though I have strayed from the build for a while, I returned because of the ease of doing what it is I do using this firmware.
Nothing else compares in the enduser aspect.


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Many thanks to a fine engineer that does incredible work!

As @Crimliar noted - praise is great - and a few shekels is even greater ;-)

JT Strickland

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Indeed he does!
Many, Many Thank Yous!


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I would also like to thank you and bow to this great work!


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Much thanks to the great wizard Merlin and it’s about time Asus made a statue/gave him preferential shares/ made him CEO advisor. Something.


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Asuswrt-Merlin is the main reason why I am not curious about other router brands.
Thanks RMerlin for your hard work!

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