Traffic Analyzer seems flaky?

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I got two nest cams uploading 24x7 to Google servers. Out of curiosity, I wanted to figure out how much data they use each month, I enabled Traffic Analyzer. After few hours I noticed 1 camera only used few bytes where as other didn't register anything. And yes I doubled checked they were uploading, I can see a steady stream in live monitor. Anyways I rebooted router and then I can see both of them under Statistics tab uploading ~100Mb each hour. This exact same thing happened again yesterday night when I rebooted my router for some reason and this morning both Nest cams had 0 data under statistics page. Another reboot and its fixed. Has anyone else noticed such issues with their Nest cam or any other devices? Note that my Cams are connected to Guest Network 2 with intranet access disabled.

While I can do without this feature, it does provide some useful data. We do come close to Comcast data cap every month. I've had this router only for few days so still figuring figuring things out.

I am still monitoring it but I guess I might have found the issue. So this morning after reboot things seems to be working fine, but after an hour or two, Router again stop reporting for one of the cam. After closer inspection I found that router is reporting steady stream form one of the smart plug instead of the cam. and in middle of night it seems to be using IP of one of my old phone connected to the same network. I noticed similar issue previously where one device reported it has one IP but router reported it has another.

This bug seems to render this feature almost useless. Hope its temporary and get fixed in future builds.
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