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  1. T

    Traffic statistics not working on Asus RT-AX3000

    I enabled the traffic analyzer but its not recording any traffic. Is their any way i can fix this?
  2. T

    Customization for Traffic Analyzer - Statistic data?

    I've been playing with the "Traffic Analyzer - Statistic" function on my Asuswrt-Merlin install (388.2 beta1 on a GT-AXE11000), and have a couple questions about customizing it: 1) What's the source of info it uses to classify the traffic, and can that be customized at all? For instance, there...
  3. AppleBag

    Can I enter my monthly traffic max in the traffic stats?

    When looking at the traffic stats, is there some way to enter how much monthly total traffic is allotted? For example on this screen: I use Comcast / Xfinity and they have that uber lame traffic limit of 1.2TB before they start charging you up the wazoo, and it would be useful to be able to...
  4. SwizItalo

    Which addon to analyze/monitor traffic/bandwidht per user?

    Ex ubiquiti here, i moved to merlin from edgerouter because lack of stability and updates. Now i gave another chance to my 8 years old Linksys ea6900 with Merlin and its rock solid. But i miss this tool (image attached) for traffic analysis, is there something similar for Merlin? I'm on firmware...
  5. J

    [Question] Where are stored the mapping list names of internet protocols used by traffic Analyzer ?

    I would like to read a file where the protocols ports are mapped with their protocol ( or app) name strings used by Traffic Analyzer tool. I would expect something like the /etc/protocols file. Can someone help me to find that list ? i hope it's not hardcoded into some closed source stuff
  6. N

    Traffic Analyzer seems flaky?

    I got two nest cams uploading 24x7 to Google servers. Out of curiosity, I wanted to figure out how much data they use each month, I enabled Traffic Analyzer. After few hours I noticed 1 camera only used few bytes where as other didn't register anything. And yes I doubled checked they were...
  7. BigMak

    "Anonymous??" in Traffic Analyzer in CT8 after latest firmware (

    I could have sworn this wasn't here before, but after upgrading to on the CT8, I see a device named "Anonymous??" listed in the Traffice Analyzer as one of the top 5 clients of the day. From what I gathered so far, it looks like it is all the traffic from devices connected to...
  8. P

    Blue Cave traffic analyzer statistics not kept longer then 3-4 days

    My Blue Cave router Traffic Analyzer never shows traffic statistics for more than 3-4 days back when I choose "Show by monthly". I suspect it's the lack of internal storage causing the older data to be deleted. I hoped the USB drive would allow for more data stored but it didn't and I couldn't...
  9. A

    Monitor bandwidth history without logging browsing history?

    I have a RT-AX88U. In the dashboard there are a few separate features related to logging bandwidth: 1. Adaptive QoS shows live bandwidth data per-client. 2. The homepage shows total live bandwidth data. 3. The traffic analyzer shows live bandwidth data, as well historical data within a small...
  10. Kashif Tasneem

    GT AX-11000 Traffic Analyzer for Secondary WAN?

    Hi. I have setup dual WAN as fail over on my AX-11000 router. For last 4 days, my primary WAN is down and secondary WAN is up. Today I noticed that traffic analyzer is not being populated. Is this normal that data is not populated from secondary WAN? Can I do anything to fix it?
  11. D

    Can you exclude devices from any monitoring and traffic analyzer statistics?

    Running ASUS RT-AC68R with Merlin v384.13 I am trying to EXCLUDE particular devices from being represented in ../TrafficAnalyzer_Statistic and/or any monitoring. Is this possible? Please advise? thanks
  12. E

    Not Good At Math...

    So, the traffic analyzer presents everything in KiloBytes/s (KBps) and I think almost every ISP talks in terms of Megabits/s (Mbps). So is there a way to set this to MBps so we can immediately compare to our ISP advertised speed? Now I know the first thing that is going to pop up here is the...
  13. S

    Traffic Analyzer - Trend Micro EULA & data collection!?!?!

    One of the reasons I just bought an AC68U was because I wanted the Traffic Analyzer. Apparently enabling this requires "that your information will be collected by Trend Micro through AiProtection, Traffic analyzer, Apps analyzer, Adaptive QoS and web history." Disabling data-collection also...
  14. L

    Saving Traffic Analyzer data

    Asus RT-AC68U. I use a satellite internet service and need to monitor my usage because of data caps. I installed a USB stick on my router and thought I was in business as my traffic analyzer data seemed to be saved. Before the USB any reset or power interruption lost all the data. Some event...
  15. sentinelvdx

    [Question] Save to NAS or USB Traffic Analyzer Data

    Hi, Can't remember, but was there a way to save T.A. data to my NAS or USB drive like we do with syslog? Thanks,
  16. B

    Log and Traffic Stat Retention

    Hi everyone.. When the router reboots traffic stats analysis are lost - is it possible to retain this between reboots? Also - if I want to keep logs securely so they can't be wiped in case of a hack - can this be retained somewhere safely via the log server option? If the log server is down...
  17. Adam Siemiginowski

    Device in Client List BUT NOT Traffic Analyzer Client List

    I have several devices listed on my Network Map Client List BUT NOT my Traffic Analyzer Client List. Some of them have a Fixed IP in the DHCP Server by MAC Address. To be specific... This is a thermal printer which often loses connection, and I am trying to identify why - with a combination of...
  18. T

    Traffic Analyzer - Statistics Not Working As Expected (68u running 380.68)

    The traffic analyzer "Statistic" tab on my Asus 68u router (running firmware 380.68) shows current traffic and daily traffic both as "0.00 Bytes". Conversely, the "Traffic Monitor" tab appears to be working as expected. I have tried to enable and disable the Statistic tab and have rebooted the...
  19. Danie

    Day/Night Cap Monitoring

    I'm using the RT-AC87U and am really finding the Traffic Analyzer very useful whilst I am on an uncapped ISP account. But I will be moving to a capped fibre account in a few months and the accounts work with a daytime monthly cap and a nighttime monthly cap. So some analysis on what is using...
  20. MarkRH

    68U: Will Changing Starting day of Monthly Cycle Mess Things Up?

    I've been saving my Traffic Data for the past few months to a USB stick. If I change the monthly cycle start time from the 1st to the 15th to match my ISPs billing cycle, will it: Just automatically shift things around with the existing data? Wipe everything and have to start over? Leave...