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Traffic monitor on TUF-5400: inconsistency between internet and WIFI traffic

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Hello, I have a constant 5Mbit flow going from my windows computer via 5GHz WIFI to the internet. Task manager in windows shows 5Mbps traffic, Asus traffic monitor shows 5Mbps internet outgoing traffic but it shows twice as much in 5GHz wifi outgoing traffic (10 Mbps). Is it a bug or is there any explanation?


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We would need much more information that you've provided to guess what is happening on your network.

What router model (specifically) are you running? What firmware? What options and features are you using past defaults after you have performed a full reset of the router (after flashing the firmware you want to use on it)? Have you ever performed a full reset on this router? Have you used previously saved backup config files to configure this router?

On your Windows computer, is the OS fully updated? What OS are you using? Do you have a virus? What programs have been allowed/enabled to run immediately on login?

What steps have you taken to find/fix this issue?

Details for all the above would be very helpful to attempt to diagnose/fix this for you.
My router is TUF-5400, Firmware Version: Anyway, I think it is a bug in the Asus Traffic monitor only. Both my Windows and my internet provider consistently report 5Mbps outgoing traffic which is correct. The only Asus Traffic monitor and only on the tab Wireless traffic reports 10 Mbps. Maybe it would help if I did a full reset and set up my configuration from scratch but I think it is not worth the effort.

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