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Instant Guard - traffic is not going through established vpn tunel until...

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I'm trying to use Instant Guard to remotely access the internet through my home router. Through an invitation via the Instant Guard application on my phone, I added my wife's phone as a guest, and I can connect seamlessly to my home router. When I check through the Instant Guard application or the router, I can see that I am connected to the "Instant Guard server" of my router. However, when I check the IP address of my wife's phone, with which I am connected to the home router through Instant Guard, using https://www.whatismyip.com/, I notice that the traffic is not going through the address of my home router but rather the telecom provider's address, as I am currently connected to the internet via 4G for testing purposes.

It's only when I, as an administrator through the Instant Guard application, enable the option for the guest user to access the intranet or local network, and then check the IP address of the phone connected through Instant Guard, that I see I have received the IP address of my home router. This indicates that the VPN tunnel goes through my home router only when I enable intranet access for the guest user. Do you have any ideas why this is happening? The router is AX11000.

Thank you in advance.

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