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Transfer speeds drop during transfer between PC and server????

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I have HP server on my network which is used as media server to stream video to multiple locations in the house. Setup consist of Dlink DIR655 router, and couple of dlink switches. All hardware supports gigabit speeds. Wiring is CAT-6. Weird problem is that when I transfer data from PC to server speed drops from 80MB/s to 15MB/s in the middle of transfer - most of the time it happens when I trasfer large files 1-5 GB. What could be the reason? It's so frustrating.
Could be that the servers disks are slower than the clients. Basically you are blasting data to the server at 80 MB/sec but it is only able to write to the disk at say 40 MB/sec. That extra 40 MB each second is being buffered into memory. So on large files you might be running out of memory and the server is cutting the speed down until it can empty its memory out. This is just a guess though. Need the specs of both of the clients. CPU speed, RAM, OS, and hard drive setups for each computer.

Thanks 00Roush.
I think you might be right considering that server has slow WD Green drives which are 5400RPM. On my PC I have WD Black drives which are prety fast (7200RPM).

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