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TRENDnet Powerline 1200 AV2 Adapter Kit (TPL-420E2K) Reviewed / Retested

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I've been getting pinged about this via email, so am posting so everyone has the same info.

TRENDnet cancelled all shipments months ago and nothing has been shipped to any partners since. The original shipped quantity shipped was a very small quantity. All partners were clearly informed of the problem and are aware of it.

New TPL-420E2K units are scheduled to arrive at TRENDNet's warehouse late next week (June 4-6). Amazon is showing June 1 availability, but that could be old information, since the initial delivery date slipped.

The fix required a hardware change in the power supply that improves long range throughput, making it "50 to 100% higher" in TRENDnet's tests. Throughput is very dependent on the electrical environment, so this improvement is not guaranteed.

Since the initial quantity shipped was very small, TRENDnet will probably not launch a formal return program. Anyone who purchased an Rev 1 design and who wants to swap it for a new one can contact TRENDnet directly.

TRENDNet will send the new version when it's available and it will be retested.
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I'm the one who has been emailing Tim about this. I was going to buy this product, but after reading about the problems I decided to hold off and investigate further. I'm looking forward to an updated review. Hopefully it performs even better than before.
I'm eagerly looking forward to your new review of the TPL-420E2K. Once the review is out, i will either pick this up or the Netgear PL1200. :)

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