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TUF-AX5400 T-Mobile Internet with Arcadyan KVD21 Suggestions

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Happy New Year All - new member looking for TUF-AX5400 T-Mobile Internet with Arcadyan KVD21 Suggestions. I may currently running in Wireless router mode. No real issues. I did however change the IP6 Connection type to Passthrough this made a big improvement in the upload speed. My current speeds are 325 down and 45 up.

Any suggestions THANKS


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What are you looking for?

Better speed? Move the kvd around to different locations and test. Reboot it and see if you grab a different 5g channel from the cell site.

I can get 300/100 at times but if I take it outside it's more like 600/100.


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Any suggestions THANKS

As another THMI subscriber, a few things... search the forums here for TMHI, as there are a number of threads with good info..

IPv4 traffic is a bit of a 'thing' in that it uses 464XLAT, which basically encapsulates IPV4 inside IPV6 - the CLAT side is inside the GW, and the PLAT side is inside T-Mobiles network.

This has a couple of interesting side-effects - there is no port forwarding for IPv4 on the consumer plans, the PLAT endpoint might not be in your geo-area which can impact things like streaming video perhaps. This also impact gaming consoles because of the NAT detection they use, as they assume that your WAN IPv4 is directly connected to the internet, which as noted above, is not going to happen...

TMHI is IPv6 first, IPv6 native - performance there is likely going to be better, mainly because we don't have to do the IPv4 tunneling between the CLAT and PLAT.

IPv6 inbound traffic on the THMI consumer plans is also filtered, so no port forwarding there either...

That being said - TMHI is a pretty good value - use the mobile app when locating the GW, as location is important to make the most of the 5G connection.

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