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Unstable WiFi Connections Recently - Many "Deauth" Entries

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I'm having the exact same issue and have been for quite some time.
Thank you so much for your suggestions, @drinkingbird !
I never thought of doing a site survey but I will definitely do it and see if there's any channel congestion/interference, this is great advice! The apartment building is rather new, and there were a few unoccupied apartments around, maybe they were filled up recently. My channels are all set on Auto, but you never know!

Never had this issue before - this is a brand new replacement router I received from Asus, the previous one was dropping the WAN connection constantly. I'd hate for this one to also have hardware issues, but if this is the case I might look at other manufacturers (I'm coming from previously owning TP-Link routers).

Was it brand new or refurbished? If brand new, possibly a dud but not terribly likely. More likely some interference.
I'm having the exact same issue and have been for quite some time.

Deauth entries in the log and client disconnecting is normal when the client has bad signal or other issue. It is a pretty generic message so wouldn't assume you're having the "exact same" issue since we don't really know what the issue is. Lots of things can interfere with wireless, or a dying radio/router can cause it too. Can also be an issue on the client side.
I'm referring to this:
What I'm Noticing
Some devices, such as a Google Home device I have with a screen, often shows that the connection has dropped and then pops back to life. Other devices, like my main laptop (M1 MBP) just have brief moments that I can't load content, or where video-conferencing gets jacked up. Sometimes, however, I actually see the laptop drop the WiFi connection, and then come back a few seconds later. My desktop, NAS, and other hardwired devices seem to be just fine.
I'm referring to this:
What I'm Noticing

Yeah, in reality, that can be your router starting to die, or interference. Or potentially some settings that have been tweaked that are causing issues. Resetting and starting from scratch may help (or may not). Really the only advanced setting that seems to universally cause issues is "universal beamforming" so when re-doing your settings, that's the only one to changes, disable it on both bands. Try running everything else at defaults and see how it goes, then if there are things you have a reason to want to change or tweak, do one thing at a time and let it go for a while to make sure the problem doesn't come back.

Short wifi connection loss won't always "show" on the client device, it takes a bit to register. The exception is if that device is actively disconnected by the router like with roaming assistant, though even then you may not always see it.

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