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Hi there,

can someone please help me to bring "usbip-host" driver working on TUF-AX5400.
of course, I know that the device is not supported yet but since from kernel perspective it is the same as
already supported AX-58U I'd expect to just add required kernel modules.. but, actually, I've run into some issues :)

what I did:

- on top of stock firmware I've added entware and have installed usbip-common package to get userspace binaries
- have cloned "" repo, setup build VM, configured building of 58U device by using `tools/build-all` script
- changed kernel config in `release/src-rt-5.02axhnd.675x/kernel/linux-4.1/config_base.6a.6750`, add/change options

-# CONFIG_USBIP_CORE is not set

- then uploaded 2 kernel modules to the device and inserted both (`/opt` - directory where entware installed)
insmod /opt/lib/modules/4.1.52/extra/usbip-core.ko
insmod /opt/lib/modules/4.1.52/extra/usbip-host.ko

finally I got an error when binding device to usbip-host driver

# usbip list -l
Local USB devices
- busid 2-1 (05e3:0612)
2-1:1.0 -> hub

- busid 2-1.1 (0951:1666)
2-1.1:1.0 -> usb-storage

- busid 3-1 (05e3:0610)
3-1:1.0 -> hub

- busid 3-1.4 (0cf3:7015)
3-1.4:1.0 -> unknown

# usbip -d bind -b 3-1.4
usbip: debug: usbip.c:134:[run_command] running command: `bind'
usbip: debug: usbip_bind.c:162:[unbind_other] 3-1.4:1.0 -> unknown
usbip: debug: utils.c:65:[modify_match_busid] write "add 3-1.4" to /sys/bus/usb/drivers/usbip-host/match_busid
usbip: debug: usbip_bind.c:101:[bind_usbip] bind driver at 3-1.4:1.0 failed
usbip: error: could not bind device to usbip-host
usbip: debug: utils.c:65:[modify_match_busid] write "del 3-1.4" to /sys/bus/usb/drivers/usbip-host/match_busid

I also have tried to backport actual usbip driver sources from Linux master but the issue remains the same.
It looks the bus driver doesn't call "probe" handler.

so, the question is - is there any way to boot the device with custom kernel compiled with additional debug?
I'd prefer to keep using stock firmware but if there is a way how to flash custom firmware and then revert
back to stock it also would be ok.

thanks in advance


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did you try compiling these too?


im trying to do the same thing on an at-rx3000

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