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Sudden network issues, looking to fully reset my TUF-AX5400 router running Gnuton's Merlin fork

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Hey, been a while. After applying the most recent firmware updates to my TUF-AX5400, I'm noticing both slower overall speeds on all connected hardware, as well as higher ping on my PC that's using a media bridge (RT-AC56U, running John's fork) in place of a hardwired cable connection. I'm not looking for troubleshooting help, just to get help with performing a full reset correctly. I will also be contacting my ISP to see if the issue is on their end, but I'd like to do basic due diligence on my own behalf, just to be thorough.

My TUF-AX5400 is H/W version A. Original firmware version (before flashing the most recent firmware updates) of Gnuton's Merlin fork was 388.1_0-gnuton1. Flashing process was 388.1_0 (original Merlin FW) -> 388.2_2_0-gnuton1 (dirty) -> 3004.388.4_0-gnuton1 (dirty) -> factory reset via GUI -> second flash of 3004.388.4_0-gnuton1 -> second factory reset via GUI + JFFS format on boot -> current network setup. I followed this guide for the setup process, aside from changing the default subnet and making a router subnet. I haven't separately cleared the nvram, utilized firmware restoration to rollback firmware, or performed non-GUI resets. After the final flash on the AX5400, I also reflashed my AC56U with the same version of John's fork that was already present, then updated to the (semi-stable) recent dev build.

I'm pretty much looking to do a full/clean router reset so I can rule out any issue being caused by my router or the firmware updates. I'm comfortable reverting to stock Asus FW and then re-flashing Merlin, performing hard resets, rolling back FW versions, etc. if need be. I suspect that the problem is with the ISP gear; they use fixed wireless point-to-multi-point hardware to provide service, and the roof-mounted Ubiquity radios drift gradually over time from their intended direction pointing towards access points. The radios are secured in place with what's essentially a hose clamp, fixing the radio to the mast and preventing movement in general. The roof radio runs outdoor-rated CAT5E from the roof, down into a dedicated wall penetration into the house and then connects directly into my router, so any issue is either with a) the AP used to provide service, b) our ISP-provided radio pointing at the AP, c) the radio-to-router cable, d) the router itself, or e) my media bridge/connecting ethernet cable. My ISP can check pretty much all potential problems on their side remotely, so if it's not the router, they can fix it.

Just to be clear, I haven't seen anything resembling critical issues after the recent firmware flashings. The router boots normally, and I don't see anything particularly alarming in the system log. I can provide logs if needed/requested. Please let me know if any more info is needed and I'll do my best.

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