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Using smartphone with 4G to connect to host in LAN.

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Hello everyone.

So here's the deal. I have a router with a PLC connected to one of its LAN ports with an ethernet cable. I want to be able to access this router from anywhere, also outside my home, using a smartphone with mobile internet. I've already looked into the principles of portforwarding. It turns out that the internal port, which forwards to the PLC, must be set to 80. I set the external port to 80 as well. I've set the protocol to both TCP and UDP. To my understanding, I should now be able to enter my router's public IP address into my mobile browser's search bar, followed by :80, to access the PLCs user interface. Unfortunately, this leads to a connection time out.

Does anyone know a cause and possible solution for this? I've heard people speculate you might need a 4/5G-compatible router, because the router needs to be able to communicate using the 4G/5G protocol for another device to be able to access it using mobile internet, the way I described. Is this where the solution could lie?


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Are you sure your ISP isn't blocking that connection? Verizon, for example, has TOS that forbid running servers on residential connections. I haven't actually tested, but it wouldn't surprise me if they enforce that by blocking inbound traffic to common server port numbers like 80. (Even if there's not a technical block, what you want to do would be a TOS violation that could get your service cancelled, if you're using Verizon.) Dunno about other ISPs, but you should start by checking whether it's nominally allowed by your ISP.

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