Video streaming over Wifi6 question.

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I’m back with a similar question that I had about 6 month ago. Now updated slightly. please don’t reply with move pc close/ hardwired is best/ buy a NAS and connect to tv. All these are acceptable answers but not what I’m looking for.

Basically PC is 2 rooms away and I can’t hardwire in a neat way.
today I have just ordered a GL.Inet flint router, this was mainly for high speed wireguard. Now that this is a wiFi 6 router, I was wondering, which would be the best performance, buying two wifi 6 routers and using the second as a access point or buying a wifi6 pci card? 2nd router I have found isn’t stupidly expensive But would give future devices a hard wired connection if needed.

ive also tried home plugs and they are no use in this build. Thanks.


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For two rooms away (drywall), any router with three antennae (active, per band) or more with Media Bridge mode will suffice. No need to go to the expense of an additional AX router.

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