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vista compatible ipsec vpn client

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New Around Here
I am looking for a client ipsec, possibly free or open source, compatible with vista sp1 updated.
I found several client l2tp/pptp for linux/windows but I cannot find a ipsec client for vista.
I tried "NCP Secure Entry Client 9.10" but seems not compatible with my Clavister sg51 secure gatewa (the client-to-lan vpn endpoint).
Any ideas?
Thank you in advance
Hi Tim!
As usual you are specific and informed!!
Thank you, this weekend I will try to configure vista ipsec client.
Regards from Rome :)
Outside of the native on in Windows....there's Greenbow (although not free..but trial it for 30 days to see if it'll work for ya)
Thank you very much YeOldeStonecat!!
I will try also Greenbow.
Regards from Rome
GreenBow client is functioning!!!

Hi to all!!
I dont tried again the native vista ipsec client but...
Thank you very much to YeOldeStonecat for its suggestion to prove GreenBow:
it worked immediately and it is very easy to setup :D.
Next days I will try with the native vista ipsec client, but now I have a functioning vpn tunnel between my work place and home.
Thank you again YeOldeStonecat and Tim.
:) Best regards from Rome :)
I wrote a thread about my issues with the double "clavister sg51/ncp ipsec client" on clavister forum:


and the clavister guys told me they tested and confirmed the compatibility of the double with the xp client, but not with vista.
Now...I think there are not differences between the "old" xp only client and the "new" xp/vista client, so I will test again the double "sg51/ncp".
I will report to you the results.....
Best Regards from Rome
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