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VPN as server - ipv4 over ipv6

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Tom Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo

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I'm upgrading my AC86U to AX86U Pro this Black Friday for better WireGuard (client) support, but it's not really related.

My fiber comes with dual stack ipv4 CG-NAT and ipv6 with dynamic prefix. I have been paying for a dymanic public ipv4 upgrade for a while, and was wondering if I could drop it and connect my home network with my VPS'es (FreePBX, HomeAssistant, CCTV & Zabbix etc.) on Oracle Cloud using ipv6.

Oracle supports site-to site IPSEC tunnels and it would be my preferred option to offload the processing from the VPS'es, but Oracle only support a static IP my end, not DDNS domains. So that's not a realistic option.
So far I have been running OpenVPN clients on each VPS, connecting to the ASUS DDNS. I guess it's the best way forward as well, reading about running a WireGuard server on the router will limit performance.

I have several IP phones and a lot of IoT devices not supporting ipv6. So the question is, can I easily setup VPN tunnels over ipv6 DDNS, but have all my devices on ipv4 ?


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