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VPN on Asus XT8 Mesh

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Hi, I have two XT8 nodes in a mesh config, node 1 is connected by cable to the operator's modem/router which is used just as a modem (all rest is disabled), node 2 is connected by wireless backbone to node 2. All cabled devices are connected to node 1 or node 2, including the Android TV box used for streaming.

I would like to setup a VPN to be turned on at need for being able to access USA catalog on Disney+ , Netflix etc.

I know I could install a VPN on smartphone, on PC and on TV box, but I guess setting up a VPN directly on the XT8 is easier?

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Depending on your ISP (ie you are assigned an IP address dymanically) you will need DYDNS or something that does the same. I think ASUS offers a free one. Not sure. I dont use OpenVPN on my ASUS so cannot answer other questions beyond what is already posted. I did use this on a NetGear router, shoudl work the same with ASUS. I think what you are tyring to do is watch US movies from outside the US ie region locked content and what you are hoping to do is dial back to your crib in the US. You better have plenty of bandwidth at both locations. I dont think it will go well if this is your plan. For logging into your network it will work but there are better options like TailScale and ZeroTier.
Well yes this I read but
1.do I need to subscribe to a 3rd party VPN service first?
2. how do I set an IP from another country?
You need to be able to be physically in from of the router in the host country. You cant set it up from afar. Alternatively, you need to be able to access that router remotely now.

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