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Tom edwards

Occasional Visitor
I have an asus rt ac86u and wish to create a VPN,I'm rather new to this so would like some advice as to easiest way to do this?
I've seen a lot of companies offering this service for a fee,but wondered whether this router can be set up to do this free?
Essentially I wish to protect myself when I'm using prime TV stick in my TV?
Thanks for any help.
The router has both a VPN server and a VPN client.

The VPN server allows you securely connect to your home network (and at no cost) when you are in some other location, i.e. on holiday, in an internet cafe, etc.

The VPN client allows your router to connect to a VPN server somewhere else. That server would typically be a paid for service like PIA or NordVPN. This means that devices on your home network can connect through this VPN service. The reasons to do this are a) to hide your real IP address, b) to prevent your ISP spying on what you're doing, and c) to make it appear as though you are in a different country.

Regarding your prime TV stick; I can't imagine what sort of "protection" you think you need. But a VPN probably won't do it.
@Tom edwards You will be better off installing Diversion and Skynet to prevent the sending of tracking data to Google and Amazon. Use the VPN for location spoofing.

Do you need to selectively route traffic streaming media traffice using the WAN or one of the VPN client interfaces?

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