WAN connection dropping repeatedly day after firmware upgrade to latest version

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My RT-AC68U keeps losing connection to the WAN, then reconnects moments later.

Looking through the router log I see:

WAN_Connection: Fail to connect with some issues.
Apr 30 14:04:26 pppd[4771]: Connection terminated.
Apr 30 14:04:26 pppd[4771]: Sent PADT
Apr 30 14:04:26 pppd[4771]: Modem hangup
Apr 30 14:05:11 pppd[4771]: Timeout waiting for PADO packets

I did update the firmware from 386.2.0 to 386.2.2 yesterday so wondering if that may have something to do with it?

I've changed the cable between the BTOR FTTC modem and the router and have also powered off/on the modem and router, seeing as there's a message saying that the modem has hung up.

I've contacted my ISP who did a line test and found no fault from their end.

Has anyone else experienced similar issues since upgrading to the latest Merlin firmware?

I'm also wondering if it's worth me investing in a Draytek Vigor 130 fibre modem so that I can at least what's going on with the fibre connection (well I'm assuming I'd be able to)?

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