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What is blocking minecraft? (fresh asuswrt install)

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New Around Here
Hi All!

I hope you are well. I got a router the other day (88u) and the first thing I did was flash on asuswrt.

Unfortunately I am unable to join Minecraft realm's since using this router (checked with new sky one and working fine.) Does anybody know what setting I could possibly need to change? I tried disabling the firewall and testing but still no luck. Any help is greatly appreciated, everything else is working amazing!

I should note that I have tried with a VPN turned on too with the same results.
It's running behind a D7000 in modem mode. No issues with this previously when it was being used as a modem/router.
Yes that is correct. Today I reset both the router and modem and everything seems to be working now. Very strange but the mystery is solved for now!

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