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I'm interested in PoE APs to improve wifi around the house. What are some PoE APs that I should look at? It seems Ubiquiti is popular. I also see APs from Linksys, D-Link, TP-Link... but they don't seem to have the community of support that Ubiquiti does which is important to me.

Any other options I should be researching? PoE and AP are both too short of search terms for this message board. I've been reviewing results for "site:snbforums.com AP PoE" on google.

I currently have a TL-WR1043ND v2 N300 class router in a bad location; its not central to home at all.


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Before you start researching APs, I suggest you upgrade to an AC1900 class router first. You might find the increased performance and coverage sufficient.

There is also NETGEAR Orbi. It's quite effective at providing good coverage when you can't place a router centrally.


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I just installed a Unifi Cloud key controller and two Unifi AC PRO's this past week. No issues so far. (hangs off of a Ubiquity ERX-SFP , in switch mode, using a Ubiquity PoE5 as main router (right now). Android, laptops, and iDevices (iphone ipad) roam quite nicely. The 4k TV connected wirelessly has no issues streaming 4k video. Wireless printer sticks to it's respective AP, with no issues.. I'm moving away from Netgear AC1900 routers as AP's, running vortex firmware. The Unifi uses less power and I have no use for the USB ports, and all the supposed features, on the home consumer routers.

EDIT: I should add, of course, YMMV.
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I had an RT-N66U (N900 class??) router before TL-WR1043ND v2 - I traded with relative who needed 5Ghz for a crowded high rise apt. building situation. I am getting better speeds and coverage on 2.4Ghz with the TL-WR1043ND v2 than I ever did with RT-N66U !

While an AC1900 class router would probably suffice, it doesn't fulfill my desire to tinker with stuff and make holes in my walls.

I was intrigued by your recent review on Orbi, but I still have this bias toward wires and running them.


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Hmm I saw your note on Orbi review about Costco 3-pack. I called my local Costco, they have the 3-pack for $500 - said they arrived today haven't unpacked them yet.

I am tempted to try it due to Costco's good return policies.. would save me from opening walls.


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Went and picked up the Orbi 3-pack at Costco; they had a big display with maybe 20 units on floor.

So far so good! Went from ~25Mbps in upstairs to max speed on my cable connection! I pay for 300/30 service via Cox. Watching live TV and watching recordings from my Tablo OTA DVR is substantially better.

Put third unit in my Basement where I never really got a decent Wi-Fi signal. It wasn't fast enough to watch Tablo recordings. Now it works fine - I can get like 80/30 now!

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