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  1. GovtCheese

    MoCA POE Filter Goes Where in Picture?

    Long time lurker, first time poster. Need help updating the coax cable box. Given the following (but not married to any of them): ASUS MA-25 2 Pack PPC SNLP-1GCW MoCA POE Coax Filter Cable Matters 2.4 Ghz 4-Way Coaxial Cable Splitter My thoughts were to swap out the SV-4G with the Cable...
  2. U

    Network Topology Help/Advice

    Hi All, I'm about to start a journey on hardwiring the upstairs with ethernet drops using a central vacuum system that came with the house, and has never been used. My question is, does anything in my topology (attached) seem wrong, or improper? Do you have any advice for me on this? Solid...
  3. K

    DIY POE Camera & Storage or buy prebuilt package?

    I am considering setting up some POE Cameras around the exterior of the home to keep an eye on things when out of town. Should I renew my geek status and build my own or just buy an package deal of cameras & storage appliance? Already have a decent Unifi network with spare POE capacity and a...
  4. KCL

    PoE NGFW?

    Does such an animal exist? Building a small office with all PoE phones and security cameras. I was hoping to do everything from the NGFW but most that I've found have a limited number of actual PoE ports. If I do get something rated as a PoE switch, am I wrong to assume that all the ports...
  5. macster2075

    PoE Switch question

    I'm planning on installing 2-4 POE security cameras. They most likely be 5MP cameras or 4K cameras, not sure yet. I know that a Gigabit Poe switch is always better, but my question is... is it required? Due to my specific situation, I won't be able to install more than 4 poe cameras. So having...
  6. C

    Wireless Recommendations?

    Hello All, I'm looking for some recommendations on a new home network setup. Ideally I'm looking for something that offers good performance and a decent mix of advanced functionality combined with a low(ish) price tag. Below is some background on my situation and current setup. The home is...
  7. D

    Tutorial What does a moca POE filter do for my moca network ?

    See section 2.4.5 http://www.mocalliance.org/technology/Final_Best-Practices-for-Installation-of-MoCA_170516rev01.pdf section 2.4.6 for amps
  8. Julio Urquidi

    EnGenius Announces New EnSky Wi-Fi 6 Outdoor Access Point

    Encased in an IP67-rated dust and water-resistant enclosure, the EnSky series EWS850AP is a business-class Wi-Fi 6 access point designed for heavily congested outdoor environments. Running on a Qualcomm Networking Pro 400 quad-core processor, the dual-band EWS850AP uses four spatial streams and...
  9. Julio Urquidi

    CES 2020: NETGEAR Expands PoE Switch Family

    NETGEAR announced six new mananaged and unmanaged PoE switches at CES 2020. The new POE+ switches include two managed and four unmanaged models: GS110TUP Ultra60 PoE++ 10-Port GbE Smart Managed Pro Switch with a 240W power budget GS710TUP Ultra60 PoE++ 10-Port GbE Smart Managed Pro Switch 8...
  10. Julio Urquidi

    CES 2020: D-Link Ramps Up Its Business Solutions Line-Up With Nuclius Connect

    D-Link announced it will add the new Nuclius Connect family of business-class Wi-Fi products to its existing Nuclius lineup of cloud-managed switches and APs. The three new products include the Nuclius Connect Hub (DNH-100), Nuclias Connect Indoor Access Point (DAP-3666) and Nuclias Connect...
  11. M

    24+ port fanless managed switch with 8 PoE ports?

    I am looking for a (simple) managed switch with at least 24 ports, where at least 8 ports are PoE enabled. Since it will be used in a home environment, it needs to be very quiet (ideally passively cooled/fanless). Total PoE power budget needed is 85W. Does this exist?.. Thankful for any...
  12. Julio Urquidi

    Netgear Announces Unmanaged PoE/PoE+ Switches With Upgradable Power Budgets

    The new SMB/SOHO PoE switches, available in 8- and 16-port models, have upgradeable power budget options thanks to interchangeable power supplies. Paired along with a built-in power selector, the interchangeable power supply option gives businesses the opportunity to grow their PoE-powered...
  13. Julio Urquidi

    D-Link Announces 2.5 Gbps SMB/SME Managed Switches

    The 8-port D-Link DMS-1100 Series is a line of multi-gigabit managed switches supporting 2.5 Gbps, 1000 Mbps and 100 Mbps network speeds, with two 10 GbE SFP+ uplink ports. Each of the eight 2.5 GbE ports can auto-detect the speed of a connected device and adjust itself to the right link rate...
  14. Julio Urquidi

    TRENDnet Announces PoE+ Powerline Adapter

    TRENDnet has announced a powerline adapter that includes PoE+ support. The TPL-331EP supports the 802.3at higher power over Ethernet standard, which is specified to provide up to 25 W of power to compatible devices connected to the adapter's single 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port. The adapter...
  15. G

    General Wiring Setup for Home Network

    I am looking to upgrade my house network with more hardwiring. Thoughts on the general set up From Street: Cable from street to Modem: Move Modem down into the basement. Install a 24 port switch/rack to distribute to the house in Basement (http://a.co/edKflBB) Wireless Router (1st floor)...
  16. Julio Urquidi

    D-Link Adds New Models And Features To Smart Managed Switches

    Changes to D-Link’s DGS-1210 series include two new PoE smart managed Gigabit switches, the 8-port + 2 combo DGS-1210-10MP, and the 24-port + 4 combo DGS-1210-28MP. Aside from their sets of Layer 2 networking and switching features, both switches will support PoE across all ports and have...
  17. Julio Urquidi

    Netscout Releases Android-Based Network Tester

    Netscout’s ruggedized handheld LinkRunner G2 combines the features of a network tester with the flexibility of an Android device into one single package. It can test physical (copper and fiber) and wireless networking, check PoE , and run not only Android-based network testing apps from the...
  18. Julio Urquidi

    WatchGuard Updates Firebox T UTM Series For Small Offices

    The newly updated WatchGuard T15, T35, and T55 tabletop UTM devices, designed for small and distributed offices, get a couple of significant updates designed to improve network throughput and security for businesses. The updated models replace the T10, T30 and T50 products, respectively. Aside...
  19. ccl13

    Why no HomePlug(Powerline) with PoE (802.3af/at)?

    Why there's no product that works as a Powerline Ethernet Adapter with PoE built in? I would think this could be a killer solution for a bunch of surveillance cameras and APs. One reason I could think out is price. It's understandable the price could be higher, but hopefully it would not cost...
  20. M

    PoE Access Point advise

    We currently live in 2200 sq ft 3-floory townhome. Even though it is a newer construction (6-7 years old), it is not prewired for ethernet in each room (what a shame btw). We have Asus RT-AC68U strategically located on the 2nd-floor living room. The coverage is OK for the most parts; however...