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Which NAS has the best Download section ?

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New Around Here
I am looking for a new NAS (or 2). The most NASses seem to have similar features so the small details will count.

The big and safe raid nas will be the ReadyNas Duo because it is very good at backing up on it's own. It also has a scheduled Power-on/off function (I read somewhere). And it is relatively cheap.

The Duo isn't very good at Downloading so I will need a real good downloader of nzb (usenet), torrents and other protocols. And it should be as quiet as possible.

So which nas has a great Download section with nice features(timer schedule, bandwith limiter, amount of protocols supported, etc.) and useability. Ease of use is very difficult to read from forum's and manuals because you need experience of multiple products and solutions to know what works best.

Who can comment on my wishlist ?



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