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Wierd Speed Issues

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As of 2 days now i have weird speed issues

I have a D-Link 825 router connected to D-Link DSL-320T modem
Both updated to latest firmware.

I have 8mb ADSL.

I dial PPPoE from router, modem bridged, i get 4-5Mb TOP speed (as of 2 days now)

I reset both devices, nothing changed.

I connected Modem to PC in bridged modem, i dail from PC and i get full speed.

Same modem but i set to dial from modem, tested both PPPoE and PPPoA and i get 4-5Mb speed

Tested 3Com router/modem, same thing, pc dials full speed router dials half speed.

Tested cheap ECI b-Focus router/modem, same thing.

How is it even possible?? why when i dial from pc i get full speed but when i dail from router or modem i get half?

I talked 3h with my provider, they didn't found any issue

can someone help me please?

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