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AX-86U slow download on Asus router speed test?

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So I have an AX-86U connected via the 2.5g port to my 10Gb internet connection via the fibre modems 10GB port. When I log into the router, go to QOS and select the speed test at the top, weirdly I get 1560 down and 2490 up… why is the download coming through slower?

Try a speed test with an Ethernet wired PC. Oh wait, the remaining Ethernet connections are only 1 GB. Darn! Try WIFI at 160 MHz?

Well, maybe you do not really need that 10 GB connection? (and the built in Speedtest is not always accurate)
(and the built in Speedtest is not always accurate)

Yeah, that. Router speedtest numbers are generally limited by their underpowered CPUs. It is absolutely routine for the results to be a lot worse than the hardware-assisted routing paths that packets going to/from clients go through. That's true even at 1Gbps line rates, never mind higher.

What do you see when you run speedtest from a client machine? If you haven't got clients that can go faster than 1Gbps, maybe run concurrent tests from several machines to see if you can saturate the 10Gbps link.

And BTW, don't assume that a single speedtest.net server won't itself be saturated by higher-than-1Gbps demand. You might need to put some thought into designing a test case for which your 10Gbps line is surely the bottleneck. (As @bbunge implies, you very likely are paying for more service than you can use.)

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