Wifi lower download 250 than upload speed 600 - on a gigabit symmetric fiber connection?

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Anyone else experiencing this, I have gigabit fiber connection. I get close to full gigabit speed on ethernet, but in wifi I consistently get a ration of 2:1 (200-300Mbps) Down (500-650Mpbs) Up speed.

I am using an Iphone 11 Pro on Wifi.

Having the same result with AX86U, and AX58U, and AC86U

Any suggestions?

Thank you


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Same here. Will monitor that thread for any suggestions...


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I still cannot figure it out. But using nPerf instead of speedtest app, I get better download results. Maybe a speedtest issue... But I doubt, as ethernet speed has no issue...

BTW, I have the same issue using iphone 12 or different ipads... so hard to pinpoint the issue.

I have tried merlin, stock firmware.... same result.


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Sounds like the wifi driver and/or hardware can't handle it.
Here my surface does 300 max while my new HP does 500, same wifi-5.

Edit, my surface is having a good day on 5g, my wife on her m21 somewhat less and my son at his allocated max :)

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