WiFi Router that supports hardware acceleration with PPPoE?

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I recently upgraded to gigabite fibre internet (which uses PPPoE) and am in the market for a router that offers full hardware acceleration with PPPoE.

I'm presently on an Asus RT-AC87U with merlin firmware and like it, but the router doesn't support full hardware acceleration with PPPoE enabled.

I can still attain max WAN throughput on my current router without hardware accel, but the CPU usage is near max when doing so.

I've tried looking around at reviews and specs to determine what routers may support this, but most info I can find does not specify which features would have to bypass hardware accel.


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Is your connection symmetrical? I am currently using rt-ax88u and it has no problem with gigabit internet which use PPPoE as well. I think rt-ac86u works as well, but I can't remember for sure.


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Yeah, it's symmetric, at least in theory, in practice the speeds differ. I'm rarely pushing full-duplex though.

Thanks for the info

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