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WiFi-router with robust media server for large media libraries?

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Buy a NAS - seriously...

A single bay NAS will do a much better job than any router... they're optimized for this...
I understand that some people have higher requirements for NAS (like running a Plex server). But for me, my 2016-era router does an adequate job serving FLAC audio & HD-video from the attached 4TB USB-powered HDD. It also works great for file-sharing & nightly PC backups for my 4-member family. I currently have no need to spend $200-$400 for a NAS, and $15-$20 per year to power a NAS. Even if somebody gave me a NAS for free, I wouldn't install it because it would bring no noticeably additional value to me, and I wouldn't want to burn the electricity & environment to power it. (My USB-powered HDD costs ~$1/yr to power.)

I was just wondering if I upgrade my router (for faster Internet downloads) if I could get one that has a media-server that works out-of-the-box, or if I'd have to go through the hassle of implementing a USB-based swap-file again.

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