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  1. R

    Need help setting up DLNA server

    My goal: SMB (CIFS) share -> ASUS router DLNA server -> Roku device (Ultra) Normally ASUS/Merlin is set up to serve DLNA from USB. I already have an SMB share on another device on the network, so I need the DLNA server on the router to serve those files from there. I understand I'll probably...
  2. R

    WiFi-router with robust media server for large media libraries?

    Are there any modern (preferably ASUS) consumer-grade WiFi routers with media servers that can reliably, nicely serve large (21k-music-file, 1k-video-file) libraries? Several years ago, ASUS didn't used to be able to serve large media libraries, so I'm wondering if they fixed that problem at...
  3. V

    DLNA issues(?)

    I would like to setup my router to share a content of the connected network driver. I used DLNA on several router softwares but AsusWRT looks very limited to me. First of all, am I wrong or UTF-8 characters are not supported for naming the server? If yes: WHY? Is there any workaround for this...
  4. J

    DLNA is only visible to WiFI/LAN users of router (but not visible to L2 router)

    I have the following setup: Wired connection: ASUS AXE11000 router with Merlin firmware > 8-Port Gigabit PoE Smart Managed Switch DGS-1100-08P > SmartTV All devices connected to 8-port PoE are using same DHCP settings: 192.168.X.Y as asus router. DLNA is only visible to LAN or WiFi users...
  5. T

    Puzzling speeds with WiFi, DLNA and a smart TV

    Hi All. So I've been lurking around these forums for 3 weeks or so reading as I slowly set up my new quarantine zone aka home network, and I've finally run into a problem for which the search function hasn't availed me. So figured I should put my hat in the ring, see if anyone might be able to...
  6. M

    Netgear Readyshare(DLNA) on R7800 - music files and external access via Voxel's firmware?

    Hi, Question 1 - DLNA access to music files(FLAC, mp3 etc.) The built-in DLNA server(called Readyshare) in R7800's latest stock firmware (v 1.0.62) does not index/give access to music files (FLAC, mp3, etc.) on HDD's connected to the R7800's USB. Would anybody know if Voxel's excellent...
  7. M

    2,4 GHz network disappeared after USB disk connect

    Hi Team, Last weekend I connect USB drive to router (RT-AC86U with latest Merlin firmware; USB 3.0 port) and run dlna. Unfortunately 2,4 GHz network has been unreachable from other devices. 2,4 GHz network was not shows on the list on other network devices. I reseted router to factory defaults...
  8. W

    Asus RT-ac88u dlna server cuts out after few minutes

    Dear all, I have a USB 3 disk attached to the router, and set up DLNA server. I tried watching a movie or two and it cuts out after a few minutes and I have to go back to the server and replay the movie. Anyone else have the problem or knows solution?
  9. Lord Lovaduck

    Anybody using Gerbera DLNA server? (MediaTomb fork available on Entware)

    I was looking for an alternative to minidlna, and found Gerbera. Anybody using it and wants to comment on their experience? It has some on-the-fly transcoding capabilities that may help me. Thanks in advance!
  10. R

    DLNA server doesn't serve M3U playlists well on RT-N66U

    I'm running Merlin v380.69_2 on an ASUS RT-N66U with a USB HDD attached and the UPnP Media Server enabled. Music files are in a "Music" folder. I normally keep my M3U playlists in a "Playlists" folder at the top level of the storage device, but since that wasn't working, in order to help debug...
  11. E

    Choosing Wifi Network Solution for multi level house

    Hello, this is my first post in this forum and first i want to thank you for your amazing posts, i really learned a lot about networking from them. I just moved to a new house and i need to setup a wifi network on 4 floors and basement (around 150sqm each) serving 25+ client devices with...
  12. S

    How to access media server from WAN?

    I'm running the latest Rmerlin with the media server working perfectly on my home network. But how do I access it from outside my LAN so that I can stream video while on vacation? If somebody could list the necessary steps, that would be much appreciated. I'm running an RT-68U that is directly...
  13. V

    AC68U upnp/dlna server, external subtitles not displaying

    Hi, I have an HDD connected to my router. I enabled the upnp server and everything works except the external subtitles. I tried playing on my laptop/ps4/tv dlna/Android phone, nothing works. Embedded subtitles display just fine but external don't. I have them named the same as the video file...
  14. S

    T-mobile Cellspot (re-branded RT-AC68U) DLNA problems

    Posted this on reddit earlier, but I figured this might be a better place. Tldr; dlna boots off tv after ram usage gets too high. Would Asus-wrt merlin help with this issue? I don't want to potentially brick my router if the new firmware doesn't help. So I was using my cellspot router as a...
  15. D

    Media Server/DLNA Issue - media server keeps disappearing

    Hoping someone can help... Ive got an RT-AC68U on 380.65_4. I have a 2TB External SSD connected and use it to torrent (using Transmission) and stream to my local TVs. (I've had this setup for years on my old 66U and it was working perfectly...I just recently upgraded to get the USB 3.0 port +...
  16. Julio Urquidi

    New Buffalo LinkStation LS520DN NAS Targets Connected Home

    The Buffalo LinkStation LS520DN line-up NAS products are DLNA-compatible products that not only work with computers and mobile devices, but also with smart televisions and stereo systems. The three models in the series are available in 2 TB, 4 TB and 8 TB capacities. Linkstation LS520DN...
  17. G

    RT87U and Qnap - Strange DLNA issues

    Hi I have a strange issue - I have a Qnap NAS (TS251) with DLNA enabled connected to a Asus rt87u (fw 380.64). When I start the NAS, I can see the DLNA and I can connect from my devices (TV, phone, etc) to the DLNA from Qnap and play movies, music without any issue After several hours, I cannot...
  18. D

    RT-AC87U 5GHz DLNA issue

    I have an issue with RT-AC87U, which has annoyed me for some time. I have the same issue with ASUS original and Merlin fw. My problem is the instability of the DLNA on the 5GHz band. It works perfectly over 2.4GHz. On 5GHz it works occasionally. The media server and media renderer disappear and...
  19. S

    Need help with Asus RT-N66U (file-server+dlna+torrent)

    Hello everybody! I use my Asus with Asuswrt-Merlin and found it`s great work with any problems, but... A little time ago I decided to plug in HDD (5Tb) and make my Asus work not only as router but also like file-server+dlna+torrent client. 1. My first stuck is - I can`t do any folder depth more...
  20. RMerlin

    [Beta] [DLNA] Asuswrt-Merlin 380.61 Beta 2 - DLNA feedback ONLY

    In light of the increasing issues with Minidlna, I decided to revert the vast majority of Asus's customization they did to minidlna, keeping only the essentials: Custom icon support that matches the router model Non-destructive database refresh (actually a patch they used from Sourceforge)...