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Wireguard Client Can't Communicate with Ubuntu Server on LAN

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New Around Here
I am a beginner and stumbled on this forum earlier today. I am having an issue with a wireguard client being unable to communicate with a Ubuntu 22.04 server on my lan. The server itself is not running firewall software, and the client is a pixel 7 pro running stock firmware. The client can ping several other machines on the LAN and can SSH into the router itself over wireguard.

It seems like this is an issue on the Ubuntu 22.04 server, but I don't know where to start, any ideas folks?



Most likely something with Ubuntu network. The Wireguard config looks OK and like mine. Does the Ubuntu box get a dynamic IP address or did you set it to static IP address? Set as DHCP address it should be reachable as the IP address, netmask and gateway are set by the router. If static and you are having issues Google netplan for help doing static IP address the right way. If you have Webmin on the server it may not set the address correctly.
It occurred to me last night that this box is always running through mullvad. That must be the issue. I'll play with it today. Thanks for your input!

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