XD4R ZenWifi AX Mini - please confirm not supported, not in beta

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HI, sorry to be obtuse, but can I get confirmation this imodel (XD4R ZenWifi AX Mini) is NOT supported, and not on a track for support at this time.

Just got this router this weekend after going through 3 other pieces of junk this week that kept choking on my IOT stuff. I'm already pretty happy finally finding a "consumer"/"prosumer" router that comes with a CLI available, and double thrilled to find this Merlin community.

Even without the mesh nodes, it was already covering my larger house nicely. SO maybe I dissent need a mesh network, just a better router.

SO, if I do need to return this to join the Merlin party, which ASUS would you recommend. I don't need bleeding edge (wifi 6), but want to make sure I get a router with great coverage, and CPU under the hood, and not going EOL anytime soon.



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You could always connect to the internet with a supported router (RT-AX88U) as your main router and use your ZenWiFi as your inhouse mesh system only. This way you can take advantage of the additional features that an upgraded Merlin firmware offers with many additional scripts to make your connection more secure and free of ads and more.

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