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ZyXEL GS1200-8HP 8-Port Web Managed PoE Gigabit Switch Reviewed

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Mr. Easy
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ZyXEL's GS1200-8HP is an inexpensive and easy to configure PoE-enabled smart switch.

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Quick question....

I was immediately impressed with how clear and simple the configurations are on the ZyXEL GS1200-8HP. I found the menus surprisingly intuitive and easy to use. Virtually all configurations are point and click with either large check boxes or drop down menus.

No dependencies on Java or Flash? If so, that might be a worthy mention in the review summary...
No dependencies on Java or Flash? If so, that might be a worthy mention in the review summary...
Neither is very common in router admin interfaces. I get more annoyed by poor use of iframes.
Me too...

The Netgear GS108T admin GUI does use Java in one of the config pages...
To be fair though, that one screen (device view) is pretty useless, and just duplicates info available on other screens.

Back on topic, nice review. Thanks. Hopefully you'll do the unifi switch 8 60 watt soon as well, I think it's releasing this week.
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doesnt look like it can combine ports.

Might not be part of the product requirements on that device... that being said, it's a nice little "smart" switch that would meet the needs of many...

(Netgear's GS-108T is a bit of a oddity, and it's a handy box for those that can leverage what it's capable of, but even there, most folks wouldn't know the first thing...)
Wonder just how different this is to their GS1900-8HP model? Bet both even has the same limitations.

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