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    Merlinwrt DNS Settings want work

    I Want to change DNS and read some instruction inside the forum i set this up but it want work if i look at i got this...
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    Diversion Diversion - the Router Ad-Blocker

    how to check if the script is working? i always have popups and ads maybe that are fine but i dont know i use asuswrt merlin for a r7000 router. i set up only static ip for devices and dns settings changed to google dns firewall is aktiv so is diversion working ?
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    Diversion Diversion - the Router Ad-Blocker

    thanks for the system easy install on r7000 but how i can check if all runs fine ?? i set up pixelserv with all ips are above 2 my first pc have 3 but how i can check if it works ??? i see in the ui that 1 host file is blocked but no ads countet alsow can i set that some devices...
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    dyndns for kodi on a windows pc

    hey i want to install dyndns service for kodi on a windows pc. i have asuswrt merlin, but dont understand how to make a dyn dns adress for this windows pc with kodi installation i have made a registration at but they need a setup at the router. i dont understand the...
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    User NVRAM Save/Restore Utility (R26.2)

    i have done it but get in trouble. so i made a factory reset. also i have tryed the programm nvram-backup but all were fine after finish i try to flash it back, but: [email protected]:/tmp/mnt/ASUS# ./ Last nvram save/restore ( WARNING: Last nvram-save MAC...
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    UPNP Problems and something on R700 with Merlin

    r7000 nighthawk from netgear
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    UPNP Problems and something on R700 with Merlin

    Hi i installed merlin on my r700 but i have some trouble with upnp i use a nas qnap 253 pro and it is upnp enabled also at the router also the ports from 1- 5000. some ports are forworded with upnp and works some not. here are my problems i use a ddns service if u use...