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  1. Bagman

    Asus locking down routers to comply with new FCC rules

    Like I said upstream, you have two models, one with gimped firmware, and one without. They can be the same hardware, but give them different model numbers, and just sell the gimped one in the US, and the working one everywhere else. It wouldn't be the first time a company has sold regionalised...
  2. Bagman

    Asus locking down routers to comply with new FCC rules

    In the meantime customers miss out on fixes and improvements, or have to have their channels cut and subsequent poor performance due to interference. Don't forget, this US lockdown settings aren't needed for a few more years, Asus could easily take another few months to do it right if they...
  3. Bagman

    Asus locking down routers to comply with new FCC rules

    What Asus should do is lock down the country code if the CFE is listed as "US". If it's anything else, let the country code still be set correctly by the user. Then you relabel the US version with a different model number. It's ridiculous that Asus are obeying US rules to have a correctly...
  4. Bagman

    Asus locking down routers to comply with new FCC rules

    The problem is that Asus are lazy, or else they would have one product for USA, and another for the rest of the world that can set country codes correctly. As it is, they don't even bother to have correct codes for Europe, and just lump a dozen countries under the "EU" banner, even though they...
  5. Bagman

    Asus locking down routers to comply with new FCC rules

    Hmm, that gives me nothing at all. I looked though all the strings and got: So EU routers are not using the correct codes/channels in their respective countries under this new forced setting. Maybe there is some way to change this setting in the CFE to get Asus to set the correct channels?
  6. Bagman

    Asuswrt-Merlin 376.44 is out

    Is there any way to read the bootloader settings from the RT-N66U to see what country codes are set by default?
  7. Bagman

    Asuswrt-Merlin is out

    Sooner or later, the people with the old SDK 5 may have to make do with the older feature set, if the new code from Asus doesn't work with SDK 5. Alternatively, it may be the case that Broadcom/Asus will eventually get their WiFi drivers fixed, and backporting to SDK 5 may become unnecessary.
  8. Bagman

    Possible to send site-specific data only over OpenVPN?

    Is it possible to set up the OpenSSL client to connect to a VPN, but then only route connections over that VPN based on the domain or IP of the target machine? Ideally I'd like it so that when I'm using a browser, going to specific websites goes over the VPN, and other traffic goes via the...
  9. Bagman

    Request: Write traffic stats before reboot.

    I've got a feature request for traffic stats. Like a lot of people, I log my stats to a USB device. I've noticed that when you reboot the router, you lose any record of traffic stats since the last time the stats were written out to disk/jffs. Would it be possible for you to change it so...
  10. Bagman

    UPNP Security flaw.

    From this article: RT-N66U, RT-AC66U and other Asus routers are exposing SOAP to the internet according to this list. Is Merlin's build vulnerable, and can you do a quick fix by updating to the newer versions of miniUPnP and UPnP?
  11. Bagman

    Admin//System page question

    Are you just trying to enter a blank text field (ie remove the ip and hit return), or are you using the add/remove button just to the right of the text box?
  12. Bagman

    Feature request: Captive portal

    Are those are complete firmware replacements? Merlin's firmware is very focussed on stability and improvements to existing functionality and code from Asus, rather than adding lots of new functionality. I can imagine a lot of requests like this will be considered "beyond the scope" of what...
  13. Bagman

    Why do you use ASUSWRT-Merlin?

    Something I forgot to mention is that the way Merlin extends and improves the current official firmware means you get to keep the proprietary functionality (like AI Cloud or Download Manager). If you went to something like DD-WRT (assuming you could jump through the hoops), you'd lose some of...
  14. Bagman

    GRO option on 260.21?

    So is GRO enabled or disabled? Or is it just the switch that has been removed?
  15. Bagman

    GRO option on 260.21?

    I notice the stock Asus firmware has an option to have GRO on or off, but Merlin's firmware doesn't have it. Is this an oversight or by design?