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    Zen Wifi XT8 - different FW on nodes

    My eyes are fading... The prefix is different too.
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    Zen Wifi XT8 - different FW on nodes

    We've got 3 AIMesh nodes, works reliably, very few to no issues, even with 2.4-only IoT. I've rebooted only a handful of times over the last year, and only issues I can recall were ISP. Updated a node today, and noticed they are running two different FW. 386_40577 on main router and one...
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    New Home AiMesh Network - AX68U, AC86U, and 4 ZenwiFi AX Minis (XD4) - Need some help

    The mix of different models is what I ran for a couple of years. Flaky at best, and I have no radio traffic - relevant radio traffic - out in the boonies here. So for anyone with experience with AIMesh, your configuration looks like it could be a continual time suck. Messy. I added 3 Zen wifi...
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    Zen Wi-Fi XT8 is a dream

    This XT8 mesh has been up for at least 4 weeks now without a reboot. I upgraded from an AC88U, which replaced an 87U, preceded by what, 66n? Can’t even remember. Until this change I’ve been running an AC1900 in aimesh, but I could never really make it work. At first I was afraid to add the...
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    My RT-AC68U seems to have TM-AC1900 firmware on it, I can't get updated firmware, is definitely not a TM-AC1900

    That is mysterious. Can’t imagine why anyone would go that way with it, though many, many have gone to 68u. Hence the skepticism.
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    Why is the RT-AC86U considered a better device than the RT-AC88u?

    Ran an AC88U for last 2 years or so, it was a warranty replacement for an 87U. Covered 3400 sq ft and into the yard. Get a newer one if you can, but otherwise does a fine job for right price. It did allow me to forego another switch, also, but switches are cheap.
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    Beta Beta Firmware ASUS RT-AC86U - Version

    Mine have all been solid. Mesh not so great but standalone? Rare reboots. The math says it works well for most clients, but not all. Try something else. Now even the mesh works great on this Zen XT8.
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    XT8 Weird wifi password problem

    Otherwise solid? Are you still running an 86u as main with 2 xt8 nodes?
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    Home LAN equipment advice needed

    Hi @3Greens, did you implement this? Or another? cheers-
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    Release RT-AC88U Version

    Also stepped up to _41700 on 88U with a 68U node. I think it pushed out to 68U node automatically during the course of upgrade? Hoping this improves mesh performance, so far so good. Thanks to all of you who have helped us ding dongs improve our network stability and safety. My router is...