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    Sporadic Wireless Connections?

    Seems completely unnecessary to have to remove the entire cover for the router to work properly. They should just make them correctly in the first place! I've plugged the router directly into the mains as opposed to an extension lead so will see if power supply was the issue to begin with and...
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    Moving from Optware to Entware....

    Thanks, I will give it a whirl once I sort out the intermittent connection issues.
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    Sporadic Wireless Connections?

    Hi, I am having exactly the same issues as above with ac87u, sporadic dropping of wireless connections and wired. Everything just seems to disappear for a while. Not sure if the router is rebooting of just the connection cycling. Will investigate further but has anyone found a silver bullet?
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    Moving from Optware to Entware....

    RMerlin - Is there an uninstall approach you would recommend....or is it as simple as uninstall anything that was installed by it and deleting the folder?
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    Moving from Optware to Entware.... it as easy as installing Entware, deleting the asusware.arm folder created by Optware on the external hard drive and re-installing any applications?
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    Suggestion / Request: DDNS Name

    I believe you can just manually update this in the hostname section of the DDNS page on the webui for and select wildcard. This works fine for me.
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    Dedicated Tor SSID configuration (and startup issues)

    Using an RT-AC87U running Asuswrt-Merlin 378.55 and I wanted to create a dedicated SSID for Tor access that could be applied at router boot, which I have managed to create however there is a slight issue with getting it to be applied at boot... Step 1 - I enabled and configured the 1st 2.4Ghz...