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    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.1 is now available

    I also have 2.4ghz clients (Shelly) dropping off with 386 but it could well be a bug with the latest Shelly FW.
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    AiMesh2 Multicast IoT over wireless node

    I have a star mesh config, with the AX88U router being connected to two AX88U nodes via Ethernet and one AX56U via wireless: With an IoT server (receiver) wired to one of the wired nodes, and binding to a multicast address (Shelly CoIoT multicast), I can only receive the multicast traffic...
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    Multicast with AIMesh

    In my setup, I meant the switch of the Asus router, not an additional piece of equipment. Your question about adding switches in between should probably work as long as they don't do any magic filtering.
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    Weatherproof aiMesh node

    Yeah, would be nice to not have to do anything for some years after installing, but we thats probably not going to happen anytime soon. Might go a similar route and just buy one that I plug in outside when needed.
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    Weatherproof aiMesh node

    Thanks for the hints. It already took me a while to place my 3 ax88u in the house in a way that all my iot (shelly et al) devices had good enough signal in the house. So I am not that keen on moving stuff again, but I guess I will keep the idea as a last resort...
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    Weatherproof aiMesh node

    Thanks for the confirmation. I actually have a router 1.5m behind a 4m x 2m window, but the windows are triple-insulated etc so they are actually even worse than the walls resulting in nearly no signal out there.
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    Weatherproof aiMesh node

    Is there any product / idea available so I could mount an aimesh wifi-6 node on the outside of the house? I currently have 3x ax88u on asuswrt-merlin in aimesh config inside and really like the simplicity of it, but the (Swiss) house is pretty wifi-proof so the garden is not covered.
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    ASUS RT-AX88U Firmware version

    New FW works fine for me, getting measured 800mbps on my 802.11ac MacBook Pro. Only problem I have is that somehow ipv4 pings to the internet do not work anymore (eg ping It does work from the "Network Tools" section of the router though, so its definitely not a ISP modem problem. The...